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About Us

CCCHC has delivered quality care to the underserved communities of
Los Angeles since 2007. We pride ourselves on making a difference in the local communities our clinics serve. Altadena Complete Care strives to be the leading community-based provider of healthcare to anyone in need. 

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Community Healthcare Philosophy

At Altadena Complete Care, we’re devoted to serving the people of Los Angeles and the cities that we operate in. We’re determined to provide compassionate, professional, timely, and affordable patient care to help patients achieve complete wellness in body and mind.

Our Health Clinic Mission

Altadena Complete Care was founded with the intent to close to the gap in healthcare access to eliminate the disparities that underserved communities face across America. Our integrated world-class care delivery system offers superior quality health and human services to the areas we operate. Our clinics employ highly experienced personnel to ensure that our services are top of the line, because quality care should be available to all. As a patient of Complete Care’s Altadena medical clinic , you’ll find that our patient care involves you as an active participant in the healing process to help maintain future health.

We pride ourselves on being the difference in our community. We believe that providing quality health care and human services to our community is vital to improving the lives of our patients, throughout Southern California. Our vision is to be the leading community based provider of health care to all that need help.